What Makes For a Good User Experience?_

  • Posted by: Jon Squirrell

Garry Taylor, Senior User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Designer at O_B considers: what makes for good user experience?

Garry, how would you define the terms ‘UX and UI Design’?

‘UX Design is primarily about how the product feels and works for the user, to ensure that the product logically flows from one step to the next and provides a successful outcome. In other words, fit for purpose.

UI Design is about how the product itself is laid out, ensuring that the interface design visually communicates the path that the UX design laid out. Having an understanding of both sides of the process is vital to good design, even if, as a designer, you want to focus on one element more than the other.’

What makes for a good User Experience?

‘It’s all about understanding the user’s needs and motives. That will help a UX designer define the correct journey, with visual aesthetics that aid the user in their task. The combination of these things ultimately gives them greater satisfaction when they use the product. As a result, that satisfaction increases the product’s value.

Good UX design is a win-win, in that sense. Individuals get a simple, easy-to-use, elegant solution to their needs, which provides them with greater satisfaction from the product, and the business that provides it. Businesses, meanwhile, get a great product that keeps their customers, or users, happy and loyal.’

How do you ensure best practice?

‘A clear, well-defined intent for the experience, goals, and objectives. Good UX connects the goals and objectives of a business with users’ needs by serving up an experience the users can identify with and use instinctively.

Solid planning. Start with a plan for what you need to deliver for the user, and refer to the plan throughout the design process to keep you focussed on the outcome.

Design your experience around your users’ needs. An experience that fits the users’ needs benefits the business providing it.

A testing process to make sure the design works. Validation is critical, so don’t forget to test your designs and direction throughout the process of developing it.’

What are you currently working on?

‘Lots!! My biggest project at the moment is a whole Design System for a suite of cloud-based FinTech solutions. We’re also working on data-driven websites for the London insurance market, and interactive mobile presentation tools for clients.’

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