Ebix_ Global tech platform comes to life_

the power of animation_turning still life into motion

Ebix is a leading international supplier of software and e-commerce solutions to the insurance industry, with headquarters in Atlanta and a further 35 offices globally.

Ebix, a long-standing client of ours, needed engaging and dynamic presentations for an event in Dubai, having only a very lengthy, lacklustre PowerPoint deck, lacking a succinct, accessible message.

Ocean_Barefoot took the original PowerPoint, stripped out the extraneous information, pared down the ‘story’, created a colour palette, styling and icons for the Ebix brand, combined with a range of other existing brand assets we had developed for this Dubai-centric presentation. Static and pedestrian, the slide-deck was brought to life using our in-house creative and animation skills.

From this source content, we created a motion graphic animation for the Ebix Dubai event, lending a far greater impact to their event than the PowerPoint deck and offering up a more accessible, more engaging presentation – far more compelling for an event-based, transient audience.

O_B created the storyboard, scripting, all visuals, and voice-over. We created powerful digital motion graphics and built on the branding we had introduced to the campaign.

As a result, our animation offered clearer, more coherent messaging than Ebix had ever had before, accessible throughout all their digital channels.

To capitalise on the strength of the Dubai animation, we created a ‘global’ edit for Ebix, ensuring a longer shelf-life, for use throughout the business. We also produced a version without a voiceover, allowing the animation to be used by a presenter.