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The RIPPLE Effect

RIPPLE is a sales presentation tool with a difference.

With UI and UX enhanced capabilities for fluid and responsive story telling, RIPPLE provides the audience with a user friendly and tailor made set of sensory interactions.

RIPPLE helps to reinforce brands and drive business opportunities.


Ocean_Barefoot have developed RIPPLE in-house, as part of our tech development programme, providing our clients with a bespoke app build to suit their business requirements and audience-led functionality. As a design agency, we can also create and structure high-end content for our clients, within a bespoke framework.

RIPPLE can also be edited and securely shared by users via our digital experience ecosystem, WAVE (see more information here).

Features & benefits

Offline capability
– Offline capability, free from unreliable internet and office-based software, providing constant access to presentations anywhere and any time

User analytics
– User analytics, providing valuable user insight and behaviours (including ROI) to help target content development and evolve sales and marketing strategies

Agile and flexible
– RIPPLE is agile and flexible, allowing non-linear and responsive presentations, moving from one part of the presentation to another quickly and smoothly without having to break the flow

Real-time content sharing
– Shareable content for instant response to specific audience interest and requests


Interactive content
– Built-in media-rich interactive content and navigation through gestures, swipes and taps, to engage the audience in a compelling and immersive experience

Reliable, non-linear and stable platform
– Instant access using a reliable and stable platform, developed, supported and maintained by O_B

– Content is kept private and secure (via a private hosting and registered user placement)

Contact our team at Ocean_Barefoot for more information to see how we can help you improve engagement with your audiences.

The RIPPLE Effect_Sales and Marketing Aligned 

RIPPLE Effect is our RIPPLE platform, powered by a single, focused value proposition.

The RIPPLE Effect creates a value proposition based on client and sales insights, embedded in a sales presentation tool that has built-in analytics capabilities. This means that our clients can test content and understand which aspects of their content are working best as they go.

To see if RIPPLE Effect can help your business, contact us at