Equifax_ From a great perspective_

insight, inform, impress_ the art of being industry leaders

Equifax is a global information solutions and credit referencing agency, with a strong market position in both personal solutions and commercial areas, operating throughout many verticals, from banking and finance to insurance, automotive, telecoms and retail.

Ocean_Barefoot are Equifax UK’s brand guardians and engaged as their full service agency, delivering all marketing communications, brand development and consultations, sales and marketing collateral, from quarterly insight magazines, digital assets including motion graphics, video and infographics, event material and tracking, product microsites, internal websites for both UK and Canada, internal comms and staff engagement, training and sales platforms, including Ripple presentations.

As an industry leader, Equifax wanted to capitalise on their extensive insight and expertise outside of the normal sales and marketing channels. As their strategic partner, Ocean_Barefoot developed the UK’s quarterly insight magazine, called Perspective, an offline/online piece designed specifically with Equifax’s clients in mind.

This was to be neither a product mouthpiece nor a hard-sell Equifax marketing campaign – it was to demonstrate their depth of knowledge and continual growth as leading industry thought-leaders. Perspective utilises content from in-house subject matter experts, invited external contributors and recognised industry bodies. Each edition addressing the issues facing the industry, rolling throughout the year, highlighting industry topics, surveys, insight and reaction.

Ocean_Barefoot designed, edited, managed and generated content, and were responsible for all production and distribution of the quarterly magazine, as well as the year-end version of collated articles. We also produced all digital content, utilising material for social channels, promotional campaigns and online content population.

The success of Perspective has placed it as a leading showpiece for the business not only in the UK, but recognised throughout the international business. Not bad for a rare bit of print…