the right tone of voice in order to maintain credibility

Slater and Gordon is one of the UK’s largest law firms with 3,800 people across 27 locations in England, Scotland and Wales. They represent clients across a range of areas, from personal injury claims to clinical and medical negligence; from employment to personal and family law.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers started in Australia and was the world’s first publicly listed law firm. Since 2012, they have acquired a series of well-established law firms throughout the UK, including Russell Jones and Walker (RJW), Fentons and Pannone.

When they approached Ocean_Barefoot, Slater and Gordon had recently undergone a brand refresh, but this had yet to be implemented across their UK marketing collateral. Its first outing was to be at the Police Federation Annual Conference.

The main challenge was to address the conference audience in the right tone of voice in order to maintain credibility among the Police Federation members. When Slater and Gordon acquired RJW, the latter had been supporting the Police Federation for over 50 years, so it was important to establish the continuity of care and experience that this ‘new brand on the block’ would provide.

With very limited content and copy, Ocean_Barefoot were asked to produce a new conference collateral, targeting Slater and Gordon’s specific expertise and legal services in this area. This was Slater and Gordon’s first opportunity to put their new brand out there, whilst nurturing the long-standing relationship that RJW and the Police Federation had shared previously.

We were tasked to develop a fresh approach, a new brand tone of voice, pitch and styling, whilst maintaining the many years’ worth of credibility and reputation established under the firm’s previous banner.

We created conference-focused services material – including all new copy, the evolution of new icons and graphics, new creative styling and the application of the new brand and colour palette. We applied this content to the new Slater and Gordon event specific print material, digital assets and stand at the conference for a consistent brand approach.

Generating compelling original copy, in conjunction with a creative approach to define and distinguish each area of law, was the key to ensuring the piece was accessible and engaging to a very discerning audience. The copy informed the structure and design, which in turn reinforced the brand’s messaging.