London Market Modernisation_

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The London Market Group (LMG) acts as a champion for modernisation in the London Market for commercial insurance and reinsurance. Their recent ‘London Matters’ report identified a number of key challenges facing the London Market. As a result, LMG have been developing a Target Operating Model (LM TOM) to tackle these head-on. LM TOM is a market modernisation programme to support the London Market in maintaining its edge, leveraging its strengths as a global insurance hub, and strengthening its efficiencies and operations.

The LMG commissioned O_B to deliver the LM TOM brand, from scratch, in just two weeks. They wanted to work with us because of our agility and our ability to gain insights quickly, and our experience in brand storytelling and web design.

LMG looked to us to transform complex and sensitive information into an engaging campaign that would amaze their audience.

We hit the ground running. Two weeks later, the LM TOM had a brand: a name, a visual identity, colour palette, typeface, messaging and a motion graphics animation ready to unveil at the LMG’s monthly forum. A bespoke website, designed, built, hosted and maintained by O_B, quickly followed suit.

Three years on, our engagement with the LM TOM continues. As well as a new website and multiple market videos, we’ve rolled out the LM TOM brand across all digital and print collateral.

Challenge_complexity to simplicity

Previous market modernisation initiatives had broken down on numerous occasions – the greatest challenge was to convince a highly sceptical market that the LM TOM would succeed where many others had failed. To do this, the LMG needed LM TOM to burst into life and really captivate its audience.

They needed us to simplify the LM TOM’s complexity, gain buy-in from stakeholders and maintain that momentum going forward.

They also needed a brand created from scratch for this new initiative. One that the market couldn’t ignore; that galvanised participants and committed them to modernisation. But we had to create everything from the ground up.

There were no visuals, no colours, no assets, the operating model didn’t even have a formal name… All we had was a wealth of complex, raw information to assimilate and simplify. Quickly. The initiative was to be unveiled at forum within two working weeks.

solution_bold and confident

We immersed ourselves in the operating model and quickly set to work. We proposed to call it TOM (concise and clear) and designed a bold brand that exuded confidence and simplicity.

We created a strong logo, chose impactful fonts, a vibrant colour palette and clean, modern icons. We then developed the brand’s overall styling, including infographics, and a compelling brand story.

We hit the deadline. Armed with a motion graphics video promoting the new LM TOM campaign and an accompanying four page brochure, the LMG unveiled the operating model at its monthly forum event.

To capitalise on the opportunity, we also designed and built a website where interested parties could register their support for the LM TOM.

result_tomorrow today

The forum event was a great success. Featuring presentations from prominent heads of industry at Lloyd’s and AON, amongst others, the session was so popular, it was oversubscribed. O_B’s motion graphics video was well received by the audience, all of whom had a copy of the accompanying print brochure.

As a result of the event, the website registered significant levels of interest, and the LMG gave extremely positive feedback.

Since its inception, LM TOM has grown from strength to strength. It’s making good on its promise to deliver where others have failed. The modernisation programme is ongoing, with a mandate to digitise the London Market.

We recently built a new website on our Pebble platform, which offers flexibility, speed, SEO optimisation and security, as well as an intuitive CMS for users.